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If you are looking for SEO services that drive rankings, the focus should be on implementing a high quality SEO campaign that is well thought out with a plan for both the short and long term. In total, there are 10 key steps that we take to ensure that the right SEO strategy is put in place. Depending on your specific needs, the steps below will be customized for your particular business.

SEO services step 1 – Local or national

The first thing that we do when working with a new client is to understand if your goal is to rank well locally, nationally, or both. The reason why this is so important to understand up front is because it impacts the structure of your Website, as well as your content. For example, including your city in your page title is important if you are looking to target your local city.

SEO services step 2 – Keyword research

Once we have an understanding of if you want to rank well nationally or locally, we focus on selecting the right keywords for your business. We begin by reviewing the keywords that you are currently using, if you have an existing Website, to ensure that the right keywords are used. If you don’t have a Website or an SEO campaign in place, we review the keywords that you would like to rank for, while performing additional keyword research. We then present our findings regarding which keywords have the best chance of driving a high volume of well converting traffic.

SEO Services Step 3 – Competitor analysis

The third step is to perform competitor analysis to determine what the competition is doing in terms of their keyword strategy. We also review how difficult it will be to rank for a particular keyword. The reason why this step is important is because there are times when we know up front that it will be very difficult to rank well for a particular keyword because the top ranking sites are education or government Websites, which are very difficult to outrank. As a result, we may recommend going for different keywords that accumulatively will drive more Website visitors and sales, which is what it’s all about.

SEO services step 4 – PPC testing

Once we have a strong understanding of the keywords that should be used on your Website to drive traffic, we often recommend testing the keywords through pay per click (PPC) to ensure that the pages also convert well into leads and sales. Not only do we want to test the keywords, but we also want to test the landing pages and the offer that you are making to ensure that your Website is optimized from a conversion perspective to maximize the number of leads generated.

SEO services step 5 – Keyword grouping

The fifth step is to group your keywords into silos and determine how your keywords will be interlinked on your Website. To rank well for various keywords, it’s important to have a hierarchy of keywords on your Website. Each of your primary keywords should have a subset of keywords to maximize traffic for different keywords. These keywords should be interrelated and work together as a unit, so Google clearly understands the theme. For example, on the search engine optimization (SEO) section of our Website, one of our subsection pages is “SEO Packages,” which is completely relevant to the section and within the same theme of SEO.

SEO services step 6 – Content development

Once we have a strong understanding of how your keywords will be grouped, we develop the content of your Website. We ensure that each page is written for a specific keyword, while making certain that the content is highly engaging to maximize the conversion of Website visitors into leads and sales.

We develop the copy for each page of your Website, including your page titles and descriptions to maximize your click through rate in the search engines.

We focus on developing well written content from your page headings to your content, offers, and calls to action to ensure that your bounce rate is low and conversion to leads and sales is high.

SEO services step 7 – Keyword placement

Once the content is written, we place your keywords in the right places, including your page titles, page descriptions, headings, body copy with at least 450 words, internal links, site map, schema, and even include synonyms to clearly show Google the theme of each page of your site.

SEO services step 8 – High quality code

Google and other search engines continue to emphasize the importance of having your Website load quickly, so that they can provide a great experience for users. As a matter of fact, for mobile devices, Google wants your Web pages to begin loading is less than one second. And your page loading speed impacts your ranking. It is for this reason that we develop highly efficient, light code that loads quickly, while providing the best experience possible for users.

SEO services step 9 – Content development plan

Once your Website is developed, we establish a plan to add pages to your Website that not only enables you to rank for additional keywords, but develops authority within your market. Not only does high quality content enable you to rank more quickly, but it acts as link bait, so other Websites link to you, increasing your authority.

SEO services step 10 – Off-page optimization

Depending on if your Website needs to be optimized locally or nationally, we will implement an off page optimization campaign on a monthly basis to ensure that your site continues to improve in ranking for your keywords.

If your goal is to rank well locally, we begin by setting up your local listings in all of the key directories to validate your address and phone number. We then pursue Websites that are in your geographic area and relevant to what you do to acquire links to your site.

The foundation of this strategy is to develop great quality content that is relevant to the various companies that we want to acquire links from. We then develop a process to maximize the number of positive reviews that you get from your customers to increase your credibility and improve your ranking.

If your goal is to rank well nationally, we implement an organic strategy that is focused on developing a large, authoritative Website with high quality backlinks. The reason for focusing on increasing the size of your site over time is because you will be competing against other national brands that have a following and larger sites than most local companies.

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