Choosing the Best Channels for Quality Backlink Building

Becoming successful with your backlinking strategies means focusing on producing quality backlinks in the right places and adhering to the new approach that Google is taking in respect to the scoring of this portion of your search engine optimization efforts.

Backinking in the Right Places With The Right Content to Maximize Your SEO Marketing Efforts
If you really want to be on par with what Google is expecting from authoritative websites, then you may have to change your way of thinking when it comes to your entire backlinking strategy. Most people are aware that its important to shift from their old SEO habits. The new way of SEO thinking has to focus on how to engage your readers through high quality content and passion for what you do. You want to engage your audience by making what you are offering them through your content interesting enough that they will want to participate.

There are a lot of potent channels that you can utilize to put these new tactics into play. Each of these channels provides you with a great way to create a quality backlink to your site. Blogging is a good beginning. The emphasis here has to be posting pertinent information that relates directly to what’s contained on your Website and the keywords that you want to optimize for.

Twitter and Facebook
Sharing your enthusiasm for the work of others, such as re-tweets, builds a good connection within your social networks while supporting your SEO efforts. If you show you appreciate the value of other content that is outside of yours, but related to it, then it helps to build your presence and strength within the social community. Not only will your content be shared, but you’ll also drive traffic to your Website. Make sure you have your social sharing buttons easily accessible on your Website to maximize shares on your Website as well.

Other Rlated Media
Seek out quality related news and magazine websites where you can post comments that have some good value to them. By doing this you are adding value to these sites, while building a relationship that may lead to guest blogging on their Website.

Video Channels
Putting out quality videos on a consistent basis will greatly enhance your presence on the Web and in the eyes of Google.

Keep yourself constantly aware of the old pitfalls of backlinking. Don’t make your links stand out so it looks obvious that you are only using these channels for the sole purpose of getting a link back to your site. Study your content no matter which of these channels you are using and ask the question what value are you providing to the audience it is intended for.