How to Implement SEO Strategies That Minimize Your Expenses and Maximize Your Results

Smart business works by improving results at both ends of the business, by minimizing costs and maximizing return. This also applies to SEO that is performed by a strong Digital Marketing Agency.

Efficiency Rules
The kick off point is to have top quality content that is loaded with value that is going to capture the attention of its intended audience in a positive way. If you put the time and energy into creating a good piece of content, then you can use the meat of that content in various forms and channel it through the various channels that are so crucial to SEO success.

A simple, yet powerful, and efficient resource to start with is to produce a podcast that you can utilize in other ways throughout your campaign. The key to success is to have this podcast built with the same criteria in mind, which is top quality content.

Segmenting the content
From this initial podcast, you can now assign one of your team to writing a good blog post from the same podcast but perhaps just focusing on one area of importance derived from the podcast itself. As a matter of fact, one of many key points could become the lead topic for the blog.

Social media integration
At the same time as the blog post is being written, the posts for your social media channels such as FB, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn can be written. This ensures that the content for these posts is relative and each can be linked back to your blog post, creating quality back links for you, while at the same time providing something of value to your social community.

Creating a YouTube Video
By turning your podcast into a YouTube video you have just reached a whole new audience. Making sure that your keyword is in your title, description, and URL, while adding a link to a landing page with an offer will give you a well-rounded approach to your SEO campaign.

Slide Presentations
You can easily build a good slide presentation right from your podcast. It simply means summarizing your content into point form and you have a whole new fresh perspective of the same important information presented in an entirely different way.
So what you have accomplished here is produced one efficient and effective piece of content that can be disseminated through so many different channels, yet none of your content is duplicated. Each piece of content is unique.

By following an strategy such as this, you‘re achieving several very important goals:
– You are creating top quality content which is what Google demands to rank well.
– You are being efficient in creating content that can be well used throughout many different channels.
– You are being cost effective by not having to spend money on developing a lot of different content for different channels.
– You are being time efficient by following through with one piece of content instead of bouncing back and forth trying to meet the SEO needs of each channel.

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