Which Search Engine is Your SEO Tactics Pleasing?

If you want to get known and rank well, you really have to ensure that your site is optimized from an SEO perspective for the right keywords that are important to your niche. Although Google is usually the big gun that everyone soon wants to please, it has to be remembered that there are other important search engines out there that can’t be discounted. One of these is Bing. So the big question this raises is, do all of these search engines have the same ground rules for SEO?

It is important to realize that the major search engines naturally compete against each other as they are separate business entities. Competition is good and although they all may have the same fundamentals they also have their own uniqueness.

The one thing that you can never go wrong with when it comes to your website and how it is viewed by the search engines is to focus on the fact that content is king. When it comes to your content you probably have learned that it must provide great value to your visitors, but what can easily be forgotten about is that it has to be current as well.

The search engines rely heavily on social media to help keep their listings current. Your presence amongst the various social media channels will help with your off page search engine optimization. Bing will openly admit that they rely a great deal on social media. Google has said in the past that social media is a great way to get your content known.

You as the web owner have to use the right keywords that are applicable to your content which should be related to your niche. This is your on-page SEO. The meat of your content is going to show your credibility as an expert in your field, which gives the readers rich informative content. Then as mentioned, social media is important to the search engines to capitalize on off page SEO.

Interaction is another critical element to your success. How others in the industry value you, and how your visitors perceive you, gives strong indicators to the search engines as to how important your contribution to the Internet is. This is where your back links will play an important part in your search engine recognition.

Average time spent on page is something else that the search engines consider. This is referring to how long a visitor remains on your site. Google also considers the bounce rate, so it’s vital to ensure that you are producing good quality content that retains prospects. Although this is important to both Google and Bing, they may have different methods they use to determine the weight of the time durations.

You as a web owner can’t go wrong if you ensure that all of the major and important factors that all the SERPs demand are fully covered and done right for your search engine optimization as it pertains to your particular business.

If you have any questions about what you can do on your Website or social networks from an SEO perspective, please comment. We would be glad to help.