Reviving the Power of Long Tail Keywords for SEO

While focused keywords can be the target of an SEO campaign, these highly sought after keywords can be very competitive and even difficult to rank well for, limiting the amount of traffic that’s driven to your Website. With long-tail keywords of three or more words, you can go after less competitive keywords that have buyer intent, which will actually convert to lead and sale at a higher rate. And accumulatively, these keywords can drive a high volume of traffic to your Website.

Any digital marketing agency or business person that’s doing their own SEO should research what long-tail keywords are present with decent traffic and less competition. To perform this research, start with your root keyword, such as “classic cars.” A free tool to use to perform this research is Google’s keyword tool. You want to ensure that you are logged in to get the most out of the tool. If you don’t have an account, simply set up a Gmail account, and you’re good to go. The reason for logging in is to get additional, vital information on your keywords, such as the cost per click.

Once you have logged in, you want to look for longer tail keywords that have decent search volume and buyer intent to maximize conversion. Using our classic cars example, a keyword phrase example with buyer intent is “how to buy classic cars.” The goal should be to compile a list of these keywords that you can go after. Once you have a strong list of keywords that are highly relevant to what you do, you want to work with your SEO company or Web developer to create a separate page for each keyword. Then, use your blog to produce fresh content for this particular keyword on a weekly basis, while leveraging social media to maximize shares and likes.

While directories are not utilized as much as they have been in the past, you also want to support your overall SEO strategy by using channels such as social bookmarking, blog commenting, guest blogging, Slideshare, video development and syndication, and podcasts. The key is to find a strong list of keywords that can accumulatively drive traffic and produce high quality content through multiple channels, in several mediums to maximize results.

If you have any questions, please comment. We are here to help.