Should You Care About the New Methods of SEO?

As we’ve discussed in several posts, Google has changed the way that link building and SEO is performed. It means you may have to shift from your old SEO tactics to the newer and more effective ones if you haven’t already done so. There are steps that you have to incorporate that are vital to acceptable and efficient SEO according to Google.

There are measures that have to be put in place to produce the type of content that is going to be of value to your readers, which in turn acts as an indicator to Google that you are providing a valuable service to the Internet community. At the same time, while doing all of this, you have to meet the challenge of minimizing your costs and maximizing your time.

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? By being organized, dedicated and enthused with your SEO tactics, focusing on valuable content, you will find that it is completely within your control.
Where do you begin?

It all starts by learning to write for your audience. This means that you really have to have a good handle on your readers wants and needs. What is important to them and what you have to offer them, will be the solution to all of this. You need to know your reader’s desires and then create content that provides enormous value and fulfills their desires.

In the past, the major focus when writing any content whether it be for a page on your site or a directory article, was on what were the best keywords and how many times could you get them into the content. Great thought was put on getting those precious words into the title, top and bottom of the content and a link to go along with it. With all the creative energy this demanded, it is easy to see how it would detract from the production of valuable content.

The new approach to SEO doesn’t eliminate the need for keywords. What it does is create the need for using them in an effective way where they can be intertwined with the meat of the content. The keywords should be able to flow naturally throughout the piece, being inserted in where they will make sense to what is being said.

When you create quality content like this, you will automatically generate interest from the readers where they will want to engage with your content. This might be simply by leaving a comment. Or if you do the right thing and have your social media links readily available to them, then they are more apt to share your content, because they are excited about it.
Something else that is going to happen is your viewers will stay on your page for a longer period of time and this will be significant to Google. If you are able to hold your readers attention then obviously you are creating content that your audience values.

Don’t forget to spread your wings in your search engine optimization tactics either by making sure your content is getting a lot of good exposure through other channels. Just one example is making use of FeedBurner.

Finally, once you have good thing going by implementing this new approach, keep it going. Be consistent with adding new content on a regular basis throughout all of your marketing channels.

If you have any questions, we would be pleased to answer them. Simply comment below.