Taking Advantage of Google+ as Part of Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

At its inception, some people were under the impression that Google+ would never be as big or significant as Facebook. While it is true that Google+ may never achieve the voice share and following of Facebook, Google+ plays a vital role in SEO. Your search engine optimization company should ensure that Google+ is part of your overall social media and SEO campaign.

From an SEO perspective, it all begins with your Google+ profile. Google is making no secret of its emphasis on verified profiles, which follows suit of Google’s priority and focus on authoritative content as a symbol of importance in ranking.

Your Google+ profile literally acts as the link and creates transparency between your content on your Website or blog and you as the author. This ensures that all of the content produced by you has a verified author behind it, while rewarding with higher ranking for producing high quality content.

As appealing as this may be to you, it may also seem like just one more responsibility that you have for your social media marketing that you just don’t have time for. But, it really isn’t all that difficult to set up and the time you put in now can only serve to make the efforts you are putting into your content all the better.

Don’t rush through setting up your profile. Just like you apply testing to all of your other marketing efforts, do the same here. Your search engine optimization company should try different profile images to determine which one generates a higher click through rate and response.

Now is your chance to let your well executed content really shine. You can link your content to your website where you place high quality content, as well as pertinent public pages. In addition, it’s a great chance to reach out to your social media community.

The help section for Google+ will get all of the information you need on how to set up your Google authorship, which is going to afford you a lot of benefits. It’s a great resource to brand yourself as an expert in your topic. People will begin to recognize you and your credibility as someone to be trusted.

Don’t forget that your authorship is about you the person, and not your company. Now you are well on the way to building your author ranking. How you build your ranking will be done through familiar channels like building shares, +1s, and the number of comments you generate. Your author authority is your score at how much of an expert you really are. So the name of the game here is to get that score as high as you can, and your key resource is Google+.

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