The New Era of Quality Backlinks and Its Impact on Search Engine Optimization

Many business owners are rapidly becoming aware of the new way that Google is looking at things. One of their main areas of attention has now shifted to the way they score backlinks. Knowing this is of the utmost importance to your success in ranking well.

How Do You Need to Change Your Backlink tactics to Maximize Your SEO Marketing Efforts?
For the past several years it has been the pattern for business owners to focus on certain tactics in their link building strategies. These could include buying backlinks that would be scattered throughout various directories or perhaps submitting articles to article directory sites in order to gain a link back to the Website.

Recently Google has been taking a close look at these types of backlinks in relation to what value they are offering to users. Google realized that by viewing these types of links as part of their scoring system they, in turn, were not providing good value as well. As a result of this, Google is now taking a new approach regarding links, which means that a new approach must be taken by business owners for their search engine optimization efforts. This has created a lot of confusion as to just what type of SEO techniques should be implemented for building backlinks.

Building quality backlinks with substance
Companies have got to spruce up the way they are viewed in the eyes of Google. Businesses have to give the persona of being leaders in their niche. It creates a demand for thought, time and effort in all areas of SEO strategies, not only for quality backlinking, but all the other channels as well.

Using other channels to build quality backlinks
A great area to focus on which will hold more clout with Google is building your business presence throughout the social media channels. The key is not to focus on just posting in these social networks for the sake of getting a backlink, but is to become engaged with the social market that is related to your topic. Be just as enthusiastic about other related content by posting likes and re-tweets. In time, you will find that your social media will reciprocate back to your content.

Google will take notice of the interaction your are building within your social media channels. The key is to make sure that your interaction is within social sectors that are relative to your line of business. Just as important is making sure that use a good variety of social media channels to get more quality exposure.

Not only are these channels important as good mediums for your backlinking strategy, but ensuring that you are being consistent with your posting and interaction is just as critical to your overall success.

If backlinking is an area of concern for you or you want to learn more how you can capitalize on its benefits as part of your overall SEO strategy, be sure to read look out for our upcoming article called “Choosing the Best Channels for Quality Backlink Building.”
In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding backlinking strategies we would be happy to answer them.