Web Page Optimization

In our last post, we outlined the importance of developing a list of keywords for your Website that have a consistent theme and strong search volume. We’ve also emphasized the importance of performing competitor research to ensure that you know exactly what’s required to beat your competition.

In this post, as a search engine optimization company, we take a look at the basics of optimizing each page of your site. The first component that you want to look at from an SEO perspective is the page title of your web page. Your page title has a character limit of 70 characters. It should act as a headline, while containing the keyword for your page. For example, for the Blueprint Internet Marketing SEO page, we use “Search Engine Optimization Company Toronto | SEO Services” as our page title.

The next thing that you want to optimize is your meta description. Your meta description should support your headline, describe your page, encourage people to click and include your keyword. For example, our SEO meta description is “Maximize your ranking through professional SEO services from a search engine optimization company Toronto based firm. Get a free analysis to learn how! You’ll notice that we’ve included the keyword in the sentence, while hitting on the top desires to rank well and calling to action for a free analysis.

Next, ensure that your URL extension includes your keyword, such as blueprintinternetmarketing.com/search-engine-optimization. It’s also important to be conscious of keyword stuffing, so don’t try to include too many keywords in your URL extension. Try to keep it as clean as possible.

Next, ensure that your H1 heading includes your keyword. Try to include it in a second heading, such as an H2 or H3 as well. This shows Google and the other search engines that you value this keyword because you’re willing to put it right at the top of your page in the most important headline.

While keyword density is not viewed to be as important to proper on page optimization as it once was, it still plays a role in clean optimization. Therefore, try to include your keyword two to three times in your body copy, while mixing in some synonyms. If you have any questions, please comment below.