What is the Relationship Between Content Marketing, SEO, and Unique Content?

Just when you think that you have search engine optimization mastered and you have really focused on getting all the keywords in the right places, you are hit with something new. Now you are hearing that content marketing is going to play a big part in the SERPs. But what is content marketing?

Content Marketing
It is producing content that is of value to your site visitors that is going to be viewed by the major search engines as having good substance and is unique according to the topic you are writing about. It is the opposite of a standard sales pitch or rehashed content.

A good example would be when you go to a store to purchase an item and you are greeted by the sale rep. The hard core salesperson is going to give you a sales pitch. Maybe tell you that you are getting a great price, buy now, at this price it’s not going to last long. Then another sales person is going to tell you lots of important information about that same item that you may not have been aware of and is really valuable to you as the buyer. The second sales rep has performed what would be equated as good online content marketing but it may be missing one component and that’s uniqueness.

Content Marketing & Uniqueness
So once you understand what content marketing is, the next component that has to be part of this is uniqueness. Again using our example, if you are doing some comparison shopping and you go to three different stores that have the second salesperson approach, but they are all telling you the same thing, then it really isn’t doing much for you. However, if you were approached by a sales rep that could provide you with some information that you hadn’t heard before or something really important to you as an individual buyer, then you have received information that is rich in content. The same concept applies to unique content on the Web.

Content marketing, uniqueness and search engine optimization
Now you need to take these two components and determine how they fit into your SEO. You have most likely heard the cliché “content is king”, and as tired as you may be of hearing it, it is something that you have to put at the top of your” getting to success” list. All of the major search engines are making content the priority. Simply because they have to provide a good selection of choices of content for those who use their SERPs. So when a search engine is crawling thousands of sites that are all related to your niche they want to list these according to what they think is going to offer the best value to their clients.

Putting together all the pieces
One of the biggest mistakes that businesses, in general, make with their search engine optimization is this. They don’t realize that the best SEO is made up of many different components. These components all have different areas of importance. Each one of these on their own helps with your SEO, but only to a limited degree. When you take each of these components and utilize them to their best, and then combine them all together, then you have a solid foundation for your SEO.

As a business owner, it really can become a little overwhelming because you know the importance of all of this, but how do you get the best from each of these components? Where do you find the time and resources? Plus, you realize that there are other factors that must be implemented into your overall success on the Web. Really all you want to do is what you do best and is sell your product or service.

It may not be so mind boggling for you if you look at it this way. There are really five major components to becoming totally successful in your entire internet marketing approach. These are….
1. Strategy and content development
2. Traffic generation
3. Websites and landing pages
4. Automated email marketing
5. Reporting

Each of these major components have a collection of smaller components that must be set up properly. What we have talked about in this article is some of the components of strategy and content development . You can also see how it overspills into the other major components such as traffic generation, Websites and landing pages.

You will find that if you read some of our articles here that you will soon become familiar and comfortable with what these five major components are really all about and why they are so important to your business as a complete set of marketing resources. Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments here or if you have any questions we would love to answer them for you.