Learning how to create a great Facebook lead ad can help you generate leads, but when you want them to convert to sales, knowing a few tips and tricks that go beyond the basics can make a huge difference.

Below you’ll find out about the best ways to create high-converting lead ads that will help you expand your business.

Know Who to Target

Rather than trying to target the widest possible audience, you’ll want to uncover who your demographic is.  Start by analyzing your demographic data from audiences who converted in other social media platforms or other marketing channels.  After that, build lookalike audiences so you are targeting people who have similar desires and are more likely to convert.

Use Smart Design

Knowing how to design your Facebook lead ad is incredibly important.  The images and text need to speak to your target audience as your ad floats by in their feed.  One of the best starting points is to gather user data from your previous conversions to learn more about the audience.  If it’s your first lead ad, you can also use Google Trends to find out more about who that audience might be.

By knowing your audience better, you can create images and text that will connect with them.  It’s always a good idea to feature people using your product if you can, and to keep your message simple and focused on how it will benefit the reader.

Fully Set up Your Forms

Complete your lead form by filling in all of the important areas including content, questions, and a link to your website.  Then, sync your leads to a CRM.  If you don’t have this capability, you can manually export your leads, but CRM integration is incredibly beneficial because it can save you a lot of time as you learn to manage leads with automation tools.

Remarketing Tips

Targeting users who have visited your website is called remarketing, and this is among the easiest ways to up your conversion rates.  Add the Facebook pixel on your site, build an audience that targets your visitors, and you’ll make it easy for them to convert directly on Facebook without returning to your website.

Facebook lead ads work because they allow users to quickly complete the form via auto-fill.  When the process is easier for users, they are more likely to complete the form.  In addition, research has shown that when users have fewer form fields required, the conversion rate is far higher.

Make sure you correctly set up your lead ads so they’re directed toward your audience and easy to manage and you’ll start to see conversions roll in.

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