How Important is Social Media Marketing in the Eyes of Google ?

Social media marketing does play an important role as part of the “must dos” for successful Internet marketing. If you’re working with a digital marketing agency, and you’re getting a good quantity of likes, shares, and re-tweets for your social media posts, Google views this as validation that you are credible in you niche. For this reason, many of the major search engines will follow social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, as well as others.

Aside from popularity in these social networks, Google also realizes that it is difficult to manipulate these communities. In the past, some companies put their emphasis on building links that became useless, and in some cases, even harmful to their business. This was done in many different ways. In some cases, business owners would build many different mini sites with links all pointing back to their main site. Or the trend was to bombard the article directories with content solely for the purpose of creating a link.

In Google’s view, the content was inferior, had no value to the readers, and was spotted as being merely produced for the sake of a link. As a result of this there was the big Google crack down that really rocked the internet, and many companies that were on first pages of Google found themselves being down- graded.

Now the dust has settled and many businesses are being forced to take a whole new approach to their internet marketing. Although the changes were hard to take, it has turned out to be a good thing for those businesses that are intent on being successful through their marketing campaigns.

Companies are now focusing more on building rich content, and seeking out resources for quality back links. It is important to add to this a social media marketing campaign that includes as much thought and planning as the other marketing channels. Your social media campaigns really can be fun and rewarding as well when you accept the challenge it offers and add some enthusiasm to your content.

You really need to have a strong social presence through your social media marketing, if you want to stay ahead of your competition and get your business known. Please leave a comment if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help.