3 Reasons to Use Split Testing To Make Your Web Development Efforts Pay Off

If you aren’t implementing A/B split testing into your online marketing and Web development efforts, you may not be getting the most out of your Internet marketing. Here’s three reasons to split test:

Increase your visitor’s time on your site
If you have an information-based Website, you want to ensure that prospects are consuming your content. If you are testing your headlines, offers, and components of your content, you can continue to maximize the amount of time that your prospects are spending on your site or a specific page in your marketing campaign. You can even test the effectiveness of your videos to see which video is performing better for you. For example, if you were running an automated webinar (video), you could track the fallout rate of two different versions of your Webinar to see which one is retaining prospects longer.

Improve the conversion rate of your campaign
For many of our customers, lead generation, presentations, and sales are vital to success. Split testing enables you to improve results in all three areas. For example, we were working with a client last week that was testing two different print ads. By split testing two different ads, we were able to determine which ad performs better and realized that one ad was outperforming the other by four times the rate.

Save money
A great way to save money through split testing is using pay per click (PPC). Instead of building a Website, then testing various messages on your site, you can set up a simple PPC campaign with different ads. Then it’s a matter of testing each ad and monitoring the click through rate to see which headline and message your audience is responding to. Not only does this save you money, but it is a very fast way to determine what your prospects are responding to.

If you have any questions about split testing, please feel free to leave a comment.